Father Leone is Back for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


According to actor Coburn Goss IMDb profile, he’s appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Father Leone. 

For those who don’t remember, Father Leone was the priest Clark goes to in Man of Steel to ask for advice on what is the righteous thing for him to do when it comes to saving Earth from General Zod.

Father Leone appearing again in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shouldn’t be seen as  much of a surprise, as he after all is a canon character from the Superman comics since Superman #204 – For Tomorrow, Part One.

In the comics he goes by the name of Father Daniel Leone and has appeared in 17 issues as the same type of personality he was in Man of Steel, a voice of reason for Superman.

Of course we’ll be the first to say IMDb can’t always be trusted as anyone can edit a profile on IMDb, but this is one of those cases that we believe he’s not big enough of an actor or character that anyone would think to add him on to the casting list for kicks and giggles… then again who knows? Grain of salt it is!

Source: IMDb

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