Filmmaker Drew Goddard Shares His Thoughts on Suicide Squad


Filmmaker Drew Goddard, who was set to direct the cancelled The Amazing Spider-Man spin-off film The Sinister Six for Sony, was asked during an interview with IGN, on his opinion on DC being able to produced their own villain team-up film with Suicide Squad, and if there’s any frustration with him over that.

IGN: How did you feel seeing DC’s Suicide Squad go into production with a very similar concept to Sinister Six – the bad guys as protagonists?

GODDARD: I got a really good piece of advice when I was just starting out as a screenwriter, which was, whatever you’re working on, you will hear about three other things at the exact same time that sound exactly like your project – but don’t worry about it, because otherwise you’ll never get anything done. And I just always trust that we’ll make it unique. Things have cosmetic similarities.

IGN: So you’re not too frustrated about Suicide Squad?

GODDARD: I love [Suicide Squad director] David Ayer. I think he makes spectacular movies. But David Ayer is a very different filmmaker than I am and it’s nice because then you think, well, he’s going to make his movie and it’ll shine but it’ll be different. They can all co-exist.

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