David Anders Talks on Blaine and Liv Teaming Up in Season 2 of iZombie


David Anders who plays Blaine on iZombie, spoke to MTV on what fans can expect from his character and his teaming up with Liv come the second season of The CW television series, that’s due to premiere its second season next week on October 6th.

On Blaine new role in the second season:

“He’s still got the blond hair, so I think it’s obvious that he’s still pretending to walk amongst the dead for business purposes,” Anders said. “He does have a new business, and there’s a lot less killing. He still surrounds himself with big dudes who can protect him and his best interests. He had to re-up, obviously,” he said. “We’ve got this great new henchman called Chief this year that fans are gonna love.”

On Blaine’s new relationship with Liv:

“They’re going to put aside their past, so that they may see their rocky future for a bit,” Anders said. “They have to be teammates, but they don’t have to be friends. Not all teammates like each other. Teammates don’t have to like each other to win the game. That’s where they’re at. But who knows! There might be something down the line where Blaine just absolutely wins her over, but I can’t promise that.”

To read the full interview, head over to MTV.com.

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