First Look At Megan Gale as Wonder Woman For The Canceled Justice League: Mortal


As those who aren’t familiar, back in 2007 Warner Bros. was developing a Justice League movie titled Justice League: Mortal, with director George Miller at the helm, that was set to be released sometime in 2009.

The production went as far as casting, costumes made, sets built and flying out all the actors and crew to Australia, where the movie was set to be filmed.

But due to the writer strike that took place in 2007 and financial reasons, the production was stopped before cameras started to roll.

One of the many actors that were cast to play a Justice League member was Australian actress Megan Gale, who was to play Wonder Woman, who now we have a better idea how she would look as the character as actual images of her dressed up as Wonder Woman for the film were released online by photographer Mark Rogers, and she looks pretty amazing.

Megan_Gale01 Megan_Gale02

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