First Look at the Justice League Together in the DC Extended Universe


The official social media account for DC Films has unveiled the first look at a concept art of the Justice League, in the DC Extended Universe, which is being used to promote tonight’s “Dawn of the Justice League” special on The CW.

In the concept art we get our first look at Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as The Flash, or at least an idea of what they’ll actually look like once they become realized in the cinematic world.

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  • Matias

    Just a concept art… but this is LEGENDARY!

    • Mike Fubar

      Im praying they reveal the actual team tonight!

  • Red Queen

    Cool concept art, but where is Green Lantern?

    • Max Strauss

      They are probably saving his reveal for the movie.

  • Max Strauss

    Cyborg looks awesome.
    Now about the Flash, I love how red it actually is, I hope it looks like that in the actual costume. I just don’t understand why the symbol is reversed. Probably because his whole drawning is reversed so he if facing outwards, instead of Wonder Woman’s “back”, hehe. We will have to wait and see.