Lucy Davis Playing Etta Candy in Wonder Woman?


Etta_Candy_02British actress Lucy Davis, who was spotted on the set of Wonder Woman, as she shared a scene with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), is another of the actors who was officially announced in the film’s official press release, whose role wasn’t disclosed.

Now with the latest behind the scene photos of Davis in full costume, heavy speculations on whom she could be playing has started and the main name to be dropped is the character of Etta Candy.

Etta Candy was first introduced in the Golden Age Wonder Woman comics issue #2, back in 1942 as Wonder Woman’s best friend, who has an infinity for eating candy. Etta since then has appeared in different forms over the years in the comics, as well as in the Wonder Woman television series with Lynda Carter in the 70’s during its first season, as General Phil Blankenship’s secretary.Etta_Candy_01

Though looking at Davis’s appearance from the set photos, she looks much more inline with Etta Candy from the Golden age series, down to the red curly hair. Then when it comes to personality, Davis is the perfect type of actress for the role, as the character in her original run was comedic relief and Davis is a known comedic actress as seen in Shaun Of The Dead and The Office.

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  • BnL

    Between the red hair and the fat suit, plus the fact that Davis is a comedienne, I definitely think she’s Etta.

    • Stuart Fleming

      Its not a fat suit, thats her actual size right now, she was the same size when she did her guest spot of NCIS this season, I believe it was episode 5.

  • alsott

    Between dapper Steve Trevor, badass Wonder Woman, and the short, heavy but awesomely engaging Etta Candy, Wonder Woman is looking to have a rather “odd couple” squad. I love it. Definitely not a line of characters you see often on the same screen.