Full Details on Mafex Batman v Superman Action Figure‬s


As we previously reported, Mafex is presenting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice action of figures of Batman and Superman, at the time there wasn’t much details on the figures, but Toyark.com has now released information on what the figures will bring, the heights of the figures, their retail price and better details images of the figures.

These figures stand 160MM tall, which is about 6.3″. These will be available starting in July 2016 at a price of 5,500 yen each (about $47 USD), not 5,940 as previously stated.

Batman includes a cloth cape. Also included are interchangeable hands, and assortment of weapons and an articulated figure stand. Superman includes a cloth cape as well. He will also include swappable hands and an articulated figure stand. You can see the new photos by reading on.

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  • IronBatMaidenMan

    These figures look amazing!

  • Newmantoplease

    What I love from all the marketing is that they’re treating Superman fair and not like some unwanted stepchild like some articles/fanboys/sites would want you to believe, so it’s good to see the official stuff and see that WB/DC still has love for their once (and still is to some people) #1 guy.