Stephen Amell Heroes & Villains Panel 2015


San Jose Convention Center held the Heroes & Villains Fanfest this past weekend where Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on Arrow, had a Q&A panel.

11:00 A Question is asked when we may see the signature Green Arrow goatee and Stephen Amell has said a few times he has no plans to grow a goatee, but if after they complete all the island flashbacks and he has a hiatus he will grow a really bad one.  Also asked by the same fan is if we’ll ever see Solomon Grundy, but sadly all he says is an acknowledgement of him being mentioned in Season 2.

15:00 He is asked about whether he sees the other DC Shows cast members look up to him as he was there first and Stephen discusses the difference when shooting Arrow vs The Flash.

19:00 A fan asked what would his Oliver do if he met Justin Hartley’s Smallville version as there is now the multiple Earths scenario going on and Stephen mentions he never seen that show prior to getting cast but he’d probably say “That suits a bit bright isn’t it?” He also goes on to say “Never say never” at it being a possible scenario.

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