Gal Gadot Is Officially in London for Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot is officially in London as of yesterday, which is where Wonder Woman is being filmed, as she was spotted by a fan at Heathrow airport and took a lovely photo with her.

So it begins!

Thank you to @kyr95 for the heads up!

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  • Steve Trevor

    Yeah my girl. Shooting begins.
    Where Chris Pyne?

  • slade wilson

    we’ll probably here some casting news soon

    • namexam xam

      I hope for a recast, a new actress for Wonder Woman.
      We have time.

  • namexam xam

    Look that tiny legs.
    This is not Wonder Woman.

  • Clark Kent

    Can’t wait for this film

  • Does anybody know where they are shooting? Will Themiscyra be all CGI’d or will they shoot outdoors too?

    • DC Man

      In Pinewood Studios certainly.

      • Cool! Mil gracias πŸ˜€

  • James

    The picture says it all

  • Sean Hansen

    I thought by now all the Haters were done, but apparently they are still posting from Mom’s basement, while they eat their cookie dough in a cone plotting how they will catch any hot woman and make them live in the fruit cellar. Yes I do hate haters!