Taron Egerton Cast as Lennox in Wonder Woman?

Lennox in Wonder Woman New 52 #5

According to the rumor mill on the Twittersphere, Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) has been cast in Wonder Woman, as Diana’s half-brother Lennox.

Lennox discovered he was the son of Zeus, after surviving the London Blitz in World War II, which falls into the same time period that the Wonder Woman film is rumored to be taking place in.

It also follows a speculation we had of the Blitz having a part in the film, when reporting on a possible casting call for extras in London and Liverpool. Which are the two locations where the Blitz took place during World War II in the United Kingdom.Lennox_Wonder_WomanNow we’ve sat on this rumor for a few days trying to figure out if there’s any evidence that backs this rumor up. We’ll be honest, nothing outside from the fact Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins has started following Egerton on Twitter seems to confirm or debunk this rumor, and if our research is correct, Jenkins started following Egerton around August 11-14, which could be seen as something or nothing at all.

In our mind if he was cast in Wonder Woman, we would believe Jenkins would be mindful to not start following him before he was officially announced, because it would give away his casting before it being announced by Warner Bros, as us fans have a real habit of exposing these type of things, over-analyzing what it all means and having it all lead to rumors. Case in point, this article.

Nevertheless Egerton is a promising actor and it’ll be a real treat if he was in Wonder Woman.

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