Taron Egerton Cast as Lennox in Wonder Woman?

Lennox in Wonder Woman New 52 #5

According to the rumor mill on the Twittersphere, Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) has been cast in Wonder Woman, as Diana’s half-brother Lennox.

Lennox discovered he was the son of Zeus, after surviving the London Blitz in World War II, which falls into the same time period that the Wonder Woman film is rumored to be taking place in.

It also follows a speculation we had of the Blitz having a part in the film, when reporting on a possible casting call for extras in London and Liverpool. Which are the two locations where the Blitz took place during World War II in the United Kingdom.Lennox_Wonder_WomanNow we’ve sat on this rumor for a few days trying to figure out if there’s any evidence that backs this rumor up. We’ll be honest, nothing outside from the fact Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins has started following Egerton on Twitter seems to confirm or debunk this rumor, and if our research is correct, Jenkins started following Egerton around August 11-14, which could be seen as something or nothing at all.

In our mind if he was cast in Wonder Woman, we would believe Jenkins would be mindful to not start following him before he was officially announced, because it would give away his casting before it being announced by Warner Bros, as us fans have a real habit of exposing these type of things, over-analyzing what it all means and having it all lead to rumors. Case in point, this article.

Nevertheless Egerton is a promising actor and it’ll be a real treat if he was in Wonder Woman.

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  • Red Queen

    I love this guy. He was fantastic in Kingsman. I’ll gladly watch him in anything DCEU related. But I was expecting a bigger role for him.

  • jas

    Just curious, is the source of the rumour from solely that Tron Vin twitter account?

    • Red Queen

      I think El Mayimbe reported it as well. Which makes it even more iffy.

      • jas

        Haha, I would have believed it more if it was only from that Tron Vin guy.

      • Nope, doesn’t come from him.

        • Red Queen

          Are you sure? Because I think he reported it too. Either way, it’s far from being certain. I honestly think that this would be a waste of talent.

          • It came from Blue Beetle, look at the comment below this one.

          • Red Queen

            Not that different. Blue Beetle is just a random guy saying he has inside scoops. Very unreliable.

          • No one said he was, that’s the whole point of this article, that the rumor going around and there’s no proof of it being true, outside from the fact the director started following him.

          • Red Queen

            Ok. Fair enough.

    • slade wilson

      nope it came from here

      • Thank you for sharing!

        • slade wilson

          yeah he also says that hal jordan is being playing a young British actor

          • Rooting for Dan Stevens in the DCEU so badly… but he isn’t young though. Well depends what people consider “young” I guess! πŸ˜€

          • slade wilson

            my personal pick is Jeremy irvine

          • jas

            @disqus_JyTbdDtYfb:disqus how do we know this “Blue Beetle” guy is reliable?

          • We don’t.

          • slade wilson

            we don’t but it is interesting that patty jenkins just started following taron though

          • jas

            Oh awesome

      • Where does this guy “Blue Beetle” come from? (besides Twitter) Does he have a website somewhere?

        • Raymond Nivon

          I saw him commenting on some site (like batman-news) as well, he is allegedly work for wb (so he says) but most of his news and comments feels like he’s only trolling the fans.

  • richardus

    Is Lennox a good guy or a villain? Will Taron play the villain of the movie?

    • He’s a good guy, but he does have his reckless way to him as well.

      • richardus

        I hope Taron has a recurring role in the DCEU. He’s a promising actor.

        • He was a recurring character in the Wonder Woman comics in the New 52 and it depends how they use him in the DCEU if he’s truly in it… one thing is for sure, his character makes it through the WWII time period.

  • Steve Trevor

    Taron Egerton Hal Jordan, Dc just do it πŸ˜€

    • Red Queen

      I was thinking Nightwing, but that’s not bad! Not bad at all!

  • Telos

    I want him as Grayson πŸ™‚