Gal Gadot Talks On The First Time The Trinity Were in Costume Together


Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, talks on the moment she was in her Wonder Woman costume for the first time with Ben Affleck dressed as Batman and Henry Cavill dressed as Superman, during her interview with Total Film Magazine, out on newsstands.

“It was crazy!” Gadot recalled with excitement. “You don’t do fittings together. You do them separately. But the first time they shot the trio, it was almost magical. On the one hand, when you think about it realistically, it’s kind of weird to stand there, all three of us dressed as superheroes. And then, when we started to shoot, Ben became Batman, Henry became Superman, and I became Wonder Woman. I can’t even express in words how excited I was.”

Director Zack Snyder also had this to say about the moment he saw them together for the first time:

“There was actually a moment in the costume test where there was Batman, Superman, and we were testing the Wonder Woman costume at the same time,” Snyder remembered. “They were all standing there. I was like, ‘Oh my lord, this is crazy.’ It’s crazy enough just to see the two of those guys together. Once you see the Trinity…”


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  • IronBatMaidenMan

    Ahhhhhh!! Honestly I think I wouldn’t have been allowed in the room even if I was authorized to be in the room I would let out high pitched screams of excitement every other second lol.

    • SP

      haha tell me
      the trinity together….man
      it was cool with Iron Man,Cap and Thor(knew them from the MCU movies) but I grew up with Bats and Sups
      I will ugly cry in the theater and I will love it

      • IronBatMaidenMan

        Hahaha definitely.

  • Barbara White

    high pierced SCREAMING!