Geoff Johns Comments on What’s Moving the DC Extended Universe Onwards


Geoff Johns who’s the co-head of the DC Extended Universe, in a recent interview with The Wrap, commented on the approach Warner Bros. will be taking under his and Jon Berg’s direction when it comes to the DC Extended Universe onwards after the success of Wonder Woman, which was the first of the DC Films to be overseen by them.

“Get to the essence of the character and make the movies fun. Just make sure that the characters are the characters with heart, humor, hope, heroics, and optimism at the base.”

Wonder Woman wasn’t only critically successful with film critics, but also by fans of the previous DC Extended Universe films and DC Comics in general.

If what worked for Wonder Woman carries on to the future upcoming DC films, the DC Extended Universe is in very good hands.


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    it’s over, fucking MCU

    • naggibator


  • GAB

    Oh Jeez, I’m tired of the word “fun”. This word is to be forbidden, is getting abused without even knowing the meaning behind. This basically means that the DCEU will became like that boring and monotonous MCU where everyone cheers and they don’t care about collateral damages, too busy eat right after the destruction of a big city. Is Geoff trying to selling crap? Is Geoff another of the hypocrities of this business? Geoff Johns is one of the people behind New 52 and I have to say that New 52 comics were dark in a lot of aspects, even JL and Johns was one of the writers of that books.
    if there are people who think that the sacrifice of Superman in BvS wasn’t optimist and full of hope, we live in a real Dark world and we should worry. Have people really saw BvS? At this point I have doubt about it. Superman decides to sacrifice his own life for the good of people who hated him, he saves Lex from the fist of Doomsday, even if Lex was trying to kill Martha Kent, Superman adoptive mother. He dies to save the world, fighting against Doomsday. Batman was inspired by Superman’s selfless act and decided to honor him and to become better. Wonder Woman decided to came out of the shadow after a century of horror. Basically BvS shows that even the darkest person, Bruce Wayne, who loose his parents when he was just a kid, can find the light again and became even more optimistic than he never was. Well, we living in a selfish society so I’m not surpised that people don’t get what altruism is so I think that before using worlds, someone needs to take a look and understand.

    • You’re right. There is a lot of optimism in BvS.

      Hopefully, these future movies will be like Wonder Woman, and keep the humour (if we must have it) coming naturally out of the characters.