Ralph Garman Shares Adam West’s Eulogy with Kevin Smith


Ralph Garman, who co-host Hollywood Babble-On with Fatman on Batman host Kevin Smith spoke at the recent episode about his close friendship with television Batman Adam West. Garman also worked with Adam West on Family Guy, as well as the two-part podcast episode “An Evening with Adam West”  (Part 2 click here) which ultimately inspired Fatman on Batman.

In the video he spoke on how Adam West was his hero for his role as Batman and became his hero as being just a great human being and friend. He discussed how he first develop a friendship with him after being just a fan on a mockumentary called ” Living in TV Land” where he played an obsessed fan of Batman, who challenges him so he can get a chance to wear the Batman cowl.

He went to talk to talk about his growing relationship with West and his family and how he found out about Adam West not having a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and how Seth McFarlane and West daughter and him made sure to get that done and honor him properly, the journey turned into a documentary called “Starring Adam West.”

He shares many more stories and it’s a great way to honor his friendship with his life long hero Adam West.

Kevin Smith than speaks on his experience with Adam West and how much he affected him and his observation of Adam West and Ralph Garman’s friendship.

Eric Curto
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