George Miller Shares His Thoughts on Superman and Debunks Man of Steel 2 Again


George Miller who’s been rumored to be directing Man of Steel 2, and or being part of the DC Extended Universe in some form, spokes on his idea of what he would do with Superman, how he’ll tackle Superman’s fantastic powers and goes on to debunk directing Man of Steel 2 again during an interview with IGN.

Miller on what he’ll do with Superman and why he likes Batman:

“I think it’s been said many times before: he’s potentially a very boring character because he has no faults. So you really have to find his demons really to get an internal conflict going. You’ve really got to do that. Whether that’s by an external agency or something deep inside himself. You need that conflicted character. That’s what made the Greek gods so great. I mean they were jealous, vengeful, hubristic. They had all these things going for them. I think that’s why Batman’s such an interesting character because he’s human, so he’s just like us. He’s relatable, rather than someone who’s just perfect.”

Debunking directing Man of Steel 2:

“I’ll basically say no. Sorry again, not trying to be coy about it. You have so many things lined up. You just don’t know which one’s going to break […] the next film I want to do won’t be a Mad Max film. It’ll be a small film. I just want to get away from big action films for a while. But I just can’t help myself. I like to do things which are technically not challenging but technically interesting.”

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