Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Display Being Constructed at New York Comic Con


Well New York Comic Con is upon us and while its normally just another comic con, Warner Bros. and DC are determined to change that with the announcement by Batman Producer Michael E. Uslan, that a big surprise is on its way at this years New York Comic Con and now we are seeing some signs of exactly how big this news may turn out to be.

Batman-News has uploaded what looks like a set being built for the upcoming news we can expect this week.

What you’ll notice that is weird is that the Bat-Symbol is not the one we have seen for the promotional images for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and seems more in line with Batman Beyond or at least a younger Batman. It could also be about the upcoming Justice League Animated Series and this will be the look of that symbol, as you can see in the bottom left there does seem to be a photo of the Justice League, while it looks to be their comic book counterparts its possible that will be their look in the new series.

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Eric Curto
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