George Miller to Direct Man of Steel 2?


According to Jon Schnepp, who’s the director of the documentary The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?, director George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road), who was the once director for Justice League Mortal, will be directing Man of Steel 2.

Schnepp spoke of the scoop on the DC news show DC Movie News on the Popcorn Talk Network, it’s around the 55:24 minute mark and he sounded like it was a done deal:

There’s been a lot of speculations on Miller being attached to something for the DC Extended Universe, after he was spotted on the set of Suicide Squad back in May.

Though with that said, take this news with a grain of salt, until it’s officially confirmed or denied.

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  • jas

    I actually speculated this!

  • Red Queen

    Schnepp seems like a reliable guy, so I’ll trust him on this. Let’s hope it’s actually true!

    • I trust him as well. If it was just some scooper, it would had been an automatic:

    • HeavenlyDiamondz

      He still thinks that fake script that was going around last year is real. Just letting you know lol

      • Newmantoplease

        So you think he’s wrong?

      • BiPolarExpress

        He got invited by George Miller to watch an early screening of Mad Max: Fury Road months before it came out. I think it’s reliable if Schnepp actually know’s Miller. Plus on the BvS fake script thing, Schnepp said it was fake for months until he saw the trailers and everything he saw in the footage (including dialogue) was in the fake script he read; leading him to “Suspect” it may have been real…….Just letting you know lol

      • Red Queen

        He has since retracted that.

      • dodong27

        Yup, and he still firmly stands by it.

      • I’m aware he believes there’s truth to the script he read, but I’m also aware that the person who wrote the fake script is surprised by how much of what he wrote actually seems to be playing out in the film from all we do know about it, so at the same time I can’t fault Schnepp for believing it. Because thus far there hasn’t been anything for him to not believe otherwise.

        Not sure if the person who wrote the fake script has ever confronted him about it or if Schnepp read a completely different script from the known fake one… who knows?!

        Nevertheless Schnepp isn’t Warner Bros, George Miller or anyone who’s directly attached to the DCEU, what he said shouldn’t be taken as official word regardless what inside sources he may have. But at the same time, he’s never been one to say something without having good reason to say it, which is the only reason we listen to him.

  • CmputrBlu

    Hope it’s true; it would be great choice I think.

  • Deetron
  • Ugh, Popcorn Talk…. I’m really interested in this info, but I can’t stomach that show. Just an hour of nerd ranting, stale jokes, and them being more off-topic than a Republican Primary Debate. On a side note, we should totally do our own show or podcast!!

    As far as Miller doing MOS2, I’m definitely on board. MM:FR was awesome, and I’m sure Snyder would be involved in some capacity. But man, the DC news just keeps coming!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!