Tom Hiddleston Hasn’t Been Cast as Morpheus in Sandman


According to the site Movie News Guide, Tom Hiddleston is supposedly being considered to play Morpheus in the live action Sandman movie, that’s in development at Warner Bros.

One more update about who could take on the role of Morpheus has been revealed. If sources are to be believed then Tom Hiddleston is being considered for the role of the Lord of Dreams.

Movie News Guide isn’t a trusted or known source, but their article has made its rounds online regardless and it’s gotten out of hand, hence why we’re reporting on it, to report on how it’s not true.

More so after other news sites started reporting the news as though Hiddleston isn’t just being considered, but he was in fact cast.

It even got to the point that Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, had to comment on one of those reports:

And correct fans who believed it to be true:

The only remote truth about Hiddeston’s attachment to the Sandman movie, is when Neil Gaiman suggested Hiddleston in the role in an interview, which Gaiman quickly explained it was just a joke when fans started to believe it was possible:

Tom Hiddleston playing Morpheus in Sandman is neither true or confirmed.

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