Grodd Concept Art for The Flash


Concept artist for The Flash John Gallagher, recently released two concept arts for The Flash episode titled “Grodd Lives” which aired a few weeks ago on The CW that features Grodd.

Film Sketchr had the opportunity speak to Gallagher about working on the art of Grodd for The Flash:

“Gorilla Grodd has such a rich visual and narrative history that it’s nearly impossible to miss the mark.” Gallagher said, “It all becomes about what story you’re wanting to tell and where it lands in his evolutionary arc. In our case, Grodd is a newly formed rapidly evolving super hominid, so it’s early in his tract: Learning exponentially, mastering language and the written word, moving far beyond the trappings of normality. Sewers would normally be a place a regular primate would actively avoid, but Grodd is no regular primate.”

Source: Film Sketchr

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