Rumor: Harley Quinn’s Outfit, Killer Frost and Batman Appearing in Suicide Squad


According to, who were scouting the Suicide Squad set these past few days, who’ve we already reported on their scoops on The Joker, which was worthy of its own article.

Within the same report by on the Joker, they were also reported a few other scoops on Suicide Squad such as followed…

Regarding Harley Quinn’s outfit in the film:

Our inside source also revealed to us that Harley will be missing her mallet but donning her crop top instead of her corset for the role. It sounds like she is going for comfort and practicality over straight forward sex appeal.

On Killer Frost actually being in the film and being played by an undisclosed actress:

According to our source, there has been another addition to the cast that has yet to be officially released by Warner Bros. The new character is none other than Killer Frost being played by an undisclosed actress. This is huge news considering there has not even been so much as a hint at this addition. The fact that the character has been added doesn’t totally take us by surprise though, considering she has been a well known member of the Suicide Squad over the years.

On Ben Affleck appearing in the film as Batman:

Another rumour buzzing around has been a cameo appearance of the Batman. Ben Affleck was spotted in Toronto over the past week, thus fuelling the theory that he is in fact making an appearance. Whether this is as the Batman or as Bruce Wayne has yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to be as the Caped Crusader.

Now as usual, take this report with a grain of salt because it could be misinformation and we won’t know what’s official until it’s officially official… Though these guys are actually on ground zero of the film’s production, hence why they’ll get leverage.


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