The Joker Won’t Have Tattoos in Suicide Squad?


At least according to, who were scouting the Suicide Squad set these past few days. They’re reporting that they were able to get confirmation on a few things regarding Suicide Squad, along with photos and a video of production stuff.

What they were able to confirm, going by what they were told while there– is that Jared Leto will not look like he did in the photo David Ayer shared for The Joker’s 75th Anniversary:

The production crew has done a very good job of keeping Jared Leto’s appearance under wraps, literally. We have been informed that this is because his character will look slightly different from the images released previously. It has been confirmed to us that the Joker will be tattoo free, despite being covered in distinct markings in the character reveal photo.

They even have a video of Leto leaving his trailer all covered up. Which does make one wonder–if we already know what The Joker looks like (at least torso and up) why all the cover up?:

They’re also confirming that the Joker in Suicide Squad will be wearing a white suit as we’ve already seen in previous released leaked photos of Leto as The Joker:

Recently rumours have been swirling around the internet of a white suit for the Joker, instead of the typical purple blazer and trousers we are used to seeing in adaptations of the character. This was confirmed to us by a crew member and spotted on set being wheeled around.

They also posted the following photo of a rack of white suits to back-up their report:


Now as usual, take this report with a grain of salt because it could be misinformation and we won’t know what’s official until it’s officially official!


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