Helen Slater Talks Supergirl Pilot


Helen Slater who’s played Supergirl in the 1984 movie and is playing Supergirl’s mother in the Supergirl pilot epiosde that’ll be airing on CBS, spoke to Telegram a bit about the television series and the actress who’ll be playing Supergirl,Melissa Benoist.

While she is mum about her new part on “Supergirl,” Slater has nothing but praise for the show’s writers and its star, Melissa Benoist, even though Slater innocently confesses that she’s still not sure how to pronounce the new Kara’s last name right.

“Greg Berlanti does ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow.’ He’s such a smart writer,” Slater said. “It was such a joy to do the pilot. My fingers are crossed that it goes well because they have a great cast. The girl playing Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, is fantastic.”

As for giving Benoist any sisterly advice, Slater said she didn’t have to because the new Supergirl is already that good.

“When I met her, we did the reading and she was fabulous. She did not need any advice at all,” Slater said of Benoist. “She’s sparkling and funny and delightful. She’s going to be awesome.”

Slater, who confesses she has the occasional flying dream — flying is on top of her list of what superpower she would love to possess — is flabbergasted on how big superheroes are today in pop culture.

“Isn’t it incredible? What is going on in the zeitgeist?” Slater said. “Every network now has superhero shows. Now, CBS will have ‘Supergirl’ … I guess, people just want that mythic hero thing right now.”

Source: Telegram

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