Henry Cavill Confirms He’s Bigger for Batman v Superman


Henry Cavill talks to Andrew Dickens of Shortlist.com on mainly fashion, but there’s small tidbits about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Cavill confirms he got bigger for Batman v Superman, which is something fans speculated on after seeing photos of him on set and the first promotional photo of Superman.

“I’m bigger than I was in the first Superman film (Man Of Steel), so I don’t fit the same clothes I did then.”


He also talks about his character of Superman and his loyalty to him.

“I’m incredibly loyal to my character,” says Cavill, with genuine conviction. “I love him. I’m protective of him. Superman’s the dude. He’s an absolute ledge. I’d never say, ‘I’d prefer to be that superhero.’ I’m Superman.”

Source: Shortlist.com

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