Henry Cavill Interested in Voicing Superman in a Red Son Animated Film


Batman vs Robin director Jay Oliva, who’s the director of many of the DC animated films , confirmed to Collider  that while he was working on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he asked Henry Cavill about playing Superman in a Red Son animated film, which Cavill responded with excitement over the idea.

First of all, just the idea of a Red Son animated film makes us super excited, but having Cavill voice the role of Superman as well?

Big-Name Actors Have Shown an Interest
And by “big name,” we don’t just mean big stars. “When I worked on Batman v. Superman, I asked Henry Cavill about playing Superman in one of our movies,” Oliva confided. “I asked him about a potential Red Son and he got really excited.”

There’s a huge amount of caveats in that statement, which he himself is quick to point out. “We only have a window of about three weeks to work with our voice actors, and if you’re an actor in demand, that can be really tough. Ben Affleck would be great to do Batman and he’s in love with the character. But God it’s hard to get Ben.” Ben maybe. But Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher or Gal Gadot may be less out of reach. It certainly raises some intriguing possibilities.

Source: Collider

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