Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – LEGO Batmobile


A LEGO Batmobile from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice can be yours if LEGO approves a submission by a fan of their design of the Batmoblie from the film. You can support this project by creating an account and then clicking support on the project’s page, there’s only 280 days left.

Here’s the information the creator of the design posted about the set:

  • LDD 4.3 extended
  • Approx. 20″ long
  • almost 1600 Pieces

This is a USC of the Batmobile from the highly anticipated Batman V superman: Dawn of Justice.

When I saw the first images that where released by Zack Snyder, my first thought was ” I wanna build that out of Lego”. So I searched the web for any photos of the Dark Knight’s ride, after a frustrating time I finally grabbed enough references that covered all the angles so I could confidently build it.

The main body color that i chose was metallic black because when i studied the images of the actual car, I noticed that body had a subtle grey tone to it, though I do not know how the metallic color in real life.

Building this so that it looked exactly like the reference was more difficult then I expected and at times was a bit frustrating for this was my first time using the Lego Digital Designer. It took me roughly 7 weeks to build this set and I believe that I really made it as accurately as possible with the pieces that were available and at it’s current scale.

Source: LEGO

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