Henry Cavill Says Justice League to Start Shooting in Early January


According to a recent Men’s Fitness Magazine interview with Henry Cavill (Superman), Cavill dropped the start date for filming on Justice League, which he stated will be in early January.

And until the first Justice League project starts shooting in early January, he can do precisely what he wants:  cook curries, play computer games in his underwear, spend time with his beloved dog–an Akita named (what else?) Kal, and maybe try to find a happy compromise between the American and British ways of dating.

This is a questionable start date only because Deborah Snyder stated recently, in her interview with Empire Magazine, that it would be Spring of 2016. Who to believe, the actor who plays Superman or the producer of the DC Extended Universe? That’s the question!

Source: HenryCavillOnline.com

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