Hollywood Celebrates Wonder Woman’s Success


As previous reported, the directors of the DC Extended Universe shared their reactions to Wonder Woman, from the film itself and the success of the film overall, among those reaction are of other directors and actors in the industry who’ve seen the film or taken note of the success with the film from the critics and the box office.

Below is a collection of reactions to Wonder Woman by directors and actors, even some of the directors that were previously reported on:

IT WAS SO AMAZING I CRIED FOR JOY ❤️😭💙😭❤️😭💙 #wonderwoman @wonderwomanfilm

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DC Extended Universe Directors Celebrate Wonder Woman
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  • GAB

    The bandwagoners are coming. The bandwagoners are coming. People are bandwagoners. Aren’t they? Members of the League of bandwagoners. Funny, because some of the marvel actors and actress had criticized this movie, back in the days and last year. Too many hypocrities. Everyone jump on the bandwagon where there’s a success, everyone jump on the bandwagon whene people are critical. People and critics complained about armpit, hair and other meaningless things and now everyone cheers. Surprisingly hypocritical.