DC Extended Universe Directors Celebrate Wonder Woman


With Wonder Woman doing so well this past weekend and breaking box office records its great to see some of the DC Extended Universe, fellow directors giving Patty Jenkins and the film the credit they deserve.

Aquaman director James Wan sent out a message on Twitter that the production crew rented out a theater so the cast and crew could watch the film and went out to state how much he loved the film. With thanks from Gal Gadot herself and her support in seeing Aquaman soon. Patty Jenkins also sent her appreciation for the kind words and support.

David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad and the upcoming DCEU film Gotham City Sirens also sent out his support for the success of the film.

Joss Whedon, writer and director of Batgirl also sent out his congratulations.  Whedon wrote his own Wonder Woman film in 2007, so its nice to see his support. Seth Gramme-Smith, who was one of the directors on The Flash before leaving also replied about the film’s success.

Jon Berg, one of the DC Films heads also commented on what a great job the film accomplished.

Eric Curto
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