James Gunn Teases a Storyboard For The Suicide Squad


The Suicide Squad director James Gunn teases the first publicly seen storyboard for the movie through his official Instagram account’s stories. It’s only of one board that can be seen in the photo he shared of him clearly working hard on the film, with a caption that reads: “My beautiful storyboards are back #TheSuicideSquad” as underneath the board he has an arrow with three question marks.

Looking at the small drawing, it’s hard to tell what exactly Gunn is teasing, though to us it looks like it’s a character aggressively kicking something or someone, but it’s truly hard to tell, but of course fans will have a their fun speculating!

Source: Instagram.com/stories/jamesgunn

The Suicide Squad set to release in theaters on August 6, 2021.

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