Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman at Comic Con Experience


As we reported on Friday Jason Momoa was attending the Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil and that he was going to have a panel today, Sunday on his career and Aquaman. The panel already took place and Momoa revealed many things during it in regards to Aquaman.

  • Again as reported on Friday Jason Momoa avoided questions about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice once more, though said being in a superhero is a dream.
  • Said he wants Zack Snyder to direct Aquaman.
  • In regards to why he was cast– “Aquaman will be a bad-ass, otherwise, they wouldn’t cast me for the role.”
  • Momoa confirms he has a 4 movie contract as Arthur Curry/Aquaman.
  • When asked who’ll win between Batman and Superman Momoa replies with “Why they cannot be friends?”
  • Momoa said he was hired as Aquaman a long time go, before the official release and had to keep his mouth shut.
  • Momoa says if he was not Aquaman, he wanted to be Lobo.

Source: DeSuperheroes.es

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