Jason Momoa Talks on How He Identifies With Aquaman


In a recent interview Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, spoke on how he identifies with the character, stating that like his character, he was always an outcast growing up due to not fully identifying to either side of his family, much likeArthur Curry when it comes to his Human and Atlantean sides. 

“How I identify with that is kind of being…a bit of an outcast. You see, he wasn’t really too accepted…I wasn’t too accepted. There weren’t any races where I grew up. There’s no Chinese, no Mexican, no Black. I grew up in Iowa. I graduated with like 100 people. I was born in Hawaii, so I would go see my father… just wasn’t accepted on the local side by some people because I wasn’t raised in Hawaii. I identify as being that outcast and not really fitting into two different worlds.”

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