Is Armie Hammer Playing Green Lantern?


According to someone who’s friends to Armie Hammer, Hammer could possibly been cast as Green Lantern in the DC Extended Universe. As the friend, who goes by the name of Nick Delli Santi, wrote in an instagram post to Hammer– “I can’t wait to see you in Green Lantern.” 

Of course this doesn’t prove that Hammer is playing Green Lantern or that Hammer has been cast in a role in the DC Extended Universe, but it sure doesn’t help the rumors.

As Hammer at the moment is being heavily rumored to have been cast for a role in the DC Extended Universe. This rumor took shape when one of the co-heads of the DC Films Geoff Johns, started following Hammer on Twitter. Soon afterwards actor Joe Manganiello, who’s playing Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe, also started following Hammer on Twitter, he even congratulation Hammer on something, which many fans assumed is landing a role within the same Universe as himself.

If he is playing Green Lantern, it’s a safe bet to assume he’s playing Hal Jordan.

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