Jay Baruchels Calls Batman v Superman the Most Expensive Indie Film


Actor Jay Baruchels was recently interviewed, in which in the interview he spoke on movies he really liked from 2016, one being Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the Ultimate Edition, in which he confirms he’s watched at last seven times.

Baruchels goes on to say that even though he didn’t love the film when he first saw it in theaters, he does say even at it’s weakest moments, there’s more choice, style and commitment within them. Then going to say, that history going to consider Batman v Superman the world’s most expensive indie films.

Source: Reddit.com/r/DC_Cinematic

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  • GAB

    That’s right. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Masterpiece. Pure art, a magnificent movie with deep themes and a perfect and balanced characterization. Every single character of the movie, from the main ones to the side characters, are part of the story and everyone is well balanced with the right amount of screen time. The Trinity is so well done that from the beginning to the end is visible the progressive characterization of every single hero. Is of course a very bold and intelligent movie, so it requires at least some neuron in the brain to understand it.