Warner Bros. Considering One of Five Movies To Be Filmed This Year


Variety write Justin Kroll once again went on social media to give some insight on the state of the DC Extended Universe. With out last report on The Batman possibly shooting in 2018, he did come forward to say that was not an exclusive. Which seeing as he didn’t write an article on the news would point to that fact.

Now he is letting fans know that Warner Bros. is still looking to at one film of five to go into production this year along with Aquaman, however he does mention that if the scripts are not ready, they are fine with Aquaman being the only film to be shot this year. The films Kroll lists are The FlashThe Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens and Dark Universe.

Each of the films mentioned are in various stages of development from already having a writer, director and cast in place, so it is more than likely one of those. What is interesting to see is The Green Lantern Corps as a possibility to be filmed this year.

If this report is in fact true, it would explain why Suicide Squad 2 has become a top priority at Warner Bros., however, with them just yesterday announcing a writer, but no director, its unlikely we will see that off the ground, until maybe later in the year.

The Flash has a writer and full cast, but still no director, so that still stands as a possible shoe-in among all the films listed to start production sometime later this year.

Green Lantern Corps does have a writer and story, but no director and as of this writing no word on casting, though fans have speculated Green Lantern may appear in Justice League, it’s never been confirmed.

Gotham City Sirens is the only films that we know of that is far along enough to be a possibility to film this year, with David Ayer both writing, directing and its main star Margot Robbie already set to return.

With Dark Universe, we do have a writer, director and producer but no word on any casting, so there is a possibility for that film to get going in time to film this year. None of this is confirmed by Warner Bros. 

Eric Curto
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