Jay Garrick Will Be a Mentor to Barry in The Flash


The Flash producer Gabrielle Stanton, recently spoke with Collider during the TCA Press Tour on the second season of The CW television series.

In the interview Stanton spoke on female representation and viewpoint on The Flash, Barry’s mind-set in the second season, dealing with the Speed Force, Jay Garrick being a mentor to Barry, adding Wally West and much more.

Collider: Since we’re celebrating the voice of female executive producers on The CW at the TCA, how do you feel about the female representation and viewpoint on The Flash?

GABRIELLE STANTON: This show actually has great female characters. You have Iris, who is now a reporter. You have Caitlin, who’s a scientist. It’s really cool that when Andrew [Kreisberg] and Greg [Berlanti] started The Flash, they just immediately put in these kick-ass equal characters. There wasn’t any question of, “Oh, what are we going to do with them?” They were there, and they were part of the show and part of the team. And they’re very different. We want make Iris and Caitlin friends this season because I feel like they would be friends, in real life.

Is there anyone he can confide in about what he saw in the Speed Force, or will he keep that to himself?
STANTON: He still has Joe, he still has his dad, and we’re introducing Jay Garrick, who will be a mentory character to Barry. Jay has seen some things that Barry hasn’t seen, and he’s going to be helping him through the process.

How will the mentor relationship between Jay Garrick and Barry Allen compare to what he had with Harrison Wells?


STANTON: Reverse Flash was always trying to get Barry to run faster. He seemed like he was really helping him, but really, he was doing it for his own evil purposes. Hopefully, it’s going to be a little bit different now that Barry is exploring the use of his powers without the man who killed his mother sitting on his shoulder.

You’re adding Wally West this season, who is a very beloved character. Did you know that there would be such interest in him?


STANTON: I knew people were going to be excited about Wally West, but I didn’t know they were going to be this excited about Wally West, which is a bummer because I can tell you nothing about Wally West. I can say that he’s going to be on [the show] and it’s going to be really exciting. The fans will definitely like what we’re doing with him.

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