Jay Hernandez Confirmed for Suicide Squad


Jay Hernandez has been confirmed for Suicide Squad by cast mate Jai Courtney, who’ll be playing Captain Boomerang in the film.

Jai during an interview with Huffington Post while promoting his latest film Insurgent due in theaters this Friday, was asked by the interviewer who else was in the film outside from Margot Robbie and himself, which is when Courtney named dropped Jay Hernandez, along with the rest of the cast.

Hernandez has been rumored to possibly being in the film since last month when it was said he was in negotiations for a role, but it was never confirmed if he was actually cast.
It was then later reported as a rumor that he would be playing Chato Santana who’s known as El Diablo, but as a cameo role only.

Now that its been confirmed that Jay Hernandez will in fact be in Suicide Squad, we’ll have to wait and see what role he’ll be playing in the film.

Suicide Squad is slated for August 5, 2016

Source: Huffingtonpost.com

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