Jena Malone Talks Batman v Superman Rumors at Tampa Bay Comic Con


Jena Malone who’s been rumored to have a role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for over a year, was put on the spotted earlier this evening at Tampa Bay Comic Con, during her panel that we were lucky enough to attend and be able cover her reaction to the rumors.

The panel opened with the moderator begging Jena to confirm the rumors of her being apart of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if she’s allowed to say anything about it, in which Malone responded jokingly:

“This is the point where I try to whistle [laughs], but I can’t whistle, so I’ll say nothing.” this was a joke from before when the moderator whistled the mockingjay theme from The Hunger Games.

In which the moderator stated that he understands if she says “No”, and that they aren’t trying to put her on the spot, but obviously there are rumors circulating.

Malone quickly recovers with: “I like Zack, I’ll do anything for him. We’ll work again in the future, but there’s nothing to say about this. I mean this is like the 4th rumor. I mean, I was playing like 12 different characters or something in the past year and a half, so I’m surprised they don’t have me playing someone else.”

The moderator than states: “If any rumors that we have heard possibly come true, what better person in the entire world they could have chosen for something that doesn’t exist. But in itself, isn’t here representing anything that we’re talking about at this point?”

In which Malone response with: “At least you guys are excited about it, I mean they’re going to be excited about it anyways.”

The moderator quickly interrupts excitedly with: “Oh so there is something to be excited about?”

Which Malone exclaimed with a “No!”,  by this point the moderator stopped pushing the topic of the rumor and moved on to the fan Q&A that was going to take place, which soon into that, led to someone in a Superman One-Piece Pajama, to asks Malone how it was like working on the set of Batman v Superman.

Malone quickly interrupts gesturing to the moderator to show the audience a toy box which he had out before, when he was asking her questions about the rumors, which Malone now wanted it to represent that every time someone asks a Batman v Superman question, the toy box would be put out, they’ll push it and it’ll go– “Ding, ding…next question!”

The moderator then certificated more to what Malone said, by saying: “If you didn’t know, we’re going to try and avoid anymore BVS questions, because we have no idea of what’s happening.” which Malone in agreement says: “Nor do I, I’m like an idiot up here.”

After that no one asked anymore Batman v Superman related questions, closest thing was when she was asked what was her favorite villain from DC or Marvel, which she went on to explain that she wasn’t well-versed on comic books, that she could only refer to their movies and she felt that wasn’t fair, so she went on to talk about Fraggle Rock and how David Bowie from Labyrinth was her favorite villain.

Overall, the panel was very enjoyable and by far one of the most personable panels I’ve ever attended of all the years of attending conventions.

As Jena interacted with her fans, willingly gave out an autograph after a fan stated she couldn’t get one before at her signing, going as far as finding a piece of paper to use to sign the autograph on, and came down from the stage, to hug another fan who became very emotional when asking a question that her friend Mary Lee, who’s ill with cancer, wanted her to ask.

Malone was even gracious enough to ask everyone in the audience to take a moment to send some beautiful love to Mary Lee, which was very moving.

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