Jim Parrack Confirmed to Be Playing Jonny Frost In Suicide Squad


As it’s been previously reported, Jim Parrack has been linked be playing the character of Jonny Frost in Suicide Squad, who in the graphic novel Joker, is a henchman and chauffeur to the Joker.

Going by what we saw of him in the Comic Con First Look trailer, it surely seemed like it confirmed his role as Jonny Frost. Though if that wasn’t enough of a conformation for some,  Corina Calderon who’s playing Grace in Suicide Squad, confirmed it today through her Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself with the captain confirming she was watching Parrack play Jonny Frost on the film’s set.

Eeeee All #HappyCamper on my way to set again, going earlier than my #CallTime just to be there and watch my boy Jim Parrack playing #JonnyFrost do his Thang

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