Warner Bros. Delays Two Ben Affleck Films to Make Time For Justice League and Batman Solo


According to ComingSoon.net, Warner Bros. has delayed two films Ben Affleck has for the studio, The Accountant and Live by Night.

Comingsoon.net reports the reason for the delay is because Warner Bros. wants Affleck to focus on filming Justice League, which has been confirmed to begin production in the Spring of next year and focus on writing the solo Batman film with Geoff Johns.

The Accountant has already wrapped production and was to released on January 29th, but has now been pushed back to October of 2016.

We honestly don’t fully understand why the film being released in January would hinder Ben, as he would only be tied to do the press junkets for the film, as it’s already wrapped.

The move seems more like a decision made for the film to be placed in a month that’ll be more suitable for it and not because of Affleck’s schedule.

Though according to a recent Men Fitness Magazine interview with Henry Cavill, he stated that Justice League would begin production in January. Which is a contradiction to what was confirmed by DC Extended Universe producer Deborah Snyder, which she stated in the Empire Magazine interview to be Spring of 2016. But if what Cavill stated is true, the move for The Accountant makes perfect sense.

While Live by Night, which Affleck is writing and directing, moved to sometime in 2017 from October 2016, which makes sense if Warner Bros. wants him to focus on Justice League and writing the Batman solo film during that time.

As the production for Justice League can go as far into October, depending when production officially starts, how long of a production and if both parts of the film will be shot back-to-back.

This is all based on speculation, as Warner Bros. hasn’t officially confirmed the real reason these films have been delayed.

Source: Comingsoon.net

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