Jim Parrack Teases He’s Deathstroke in Suicide Squad?


After Joe Manganiello didn’t appear in the first photo of the cast of Suicide Squad and then later confirmed he was never up for the role of Deathstroke, the next logical person to be attached to the role was Jim Parrack, who stands at 6’4″ and was seen in the first read through photo with the rest of the cast of Suicide Squad posted by David Ayer.

It was previously reported by Batman-News.com that Parrack’s girlfriend Leven Rambin, debunked the casting after someone wrote on her instagram that Parrack was Deathstroke.

Parrack has now gone to his instagram and posted a picture of Daft Punk’s last album cover that was released 2 years ago and a photo of Deathstroke, with the following comment: #inspired by. Can’t believe it’s two years already since@daftpunk dropped that last one #shoutoutMaskShit#herewego #letsgetit

Which we’re not exactly sure what that fully translates to in relations to Deathstroke, besides the fact the Daft Punk’s last album cover kind of does look like Deathstroke’s half-and-half mask.
daftpunk-bigDoes this confirm Parrack is Deathstroke? Or is it Parrack having fun with the rumor and with us? We won’t know, because the message clearly doesn’t outright confirm it.

For the sake of fans, one can only hope he is, because the way fans reacted after it was found out Joe Manganiello wasn’t Deathstroke was pretty intense!

Thanks to @_TronVin_ for the heads up!

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