Joe Manganiello Talks Deathstroke Rumors for Suicide Squad


As previously reported Joe Manganiello confirmed via his official twitter that he was never up for the role of Deathstroke nor did he ever sign on for Suicide Squad.

The rumor of him being attached to the film first start on who wrote an article on Manganiello being in Suicide Squad and that it was for Deathstroke, the article has since been removed. Though after that article was published, other outlets pushed the rumor for months until it was finally debunked by Manganiello.

In an interview with MTV News at this past Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, Manganiello talked more on his Suicide Squad possible casting and once again confirmed he was never up for Deathstroke, that it was another role he was offered.

Which makes one wonder, is Deathstroke even in Suicide Squad or that’s just another run of the mill rumor? Because who else could Manganiello have been up for standing at 6’5″?

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