Joel Kinnaman Acknowledges He’s Rick Flag


Joel Kinnaman during a recent interview promoting his latest film Run All Night, with, he acknowledged the fact he’s playing Rick Flag in Suicide Squad when asked about the role when it comes to fans aware to the character of Rick Flag.

You mention being aware of what the fans want, how does that play into what you want to do with Rick Flag in Suicide Squad? He’s not a super known character, so maybe you don’t have to worry about that as much and you can really own it.


Yeah, for sure. And you want the backstory of the character, but I think this is also a universe that David Ayer is going to create – there’s a lot more. Also, when you’re doing the first movie in a comic book, you always have the leeway of you’re going to move it from a comic book to a film and put it in real life – you’re always going to make a lot of changes and create a new universe. So you’re kind of setting a precedent. When you’re remaking a movie that’s already been made and a character that was made for the film, then it becomes a different thing and it’s more difficult to create something new without offending some people.


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