Joel Kinnaman is Happy With the Fan’s Response to Suicide Squad


Joel Kinnaman who plays Rick Flag in Suicide Squad recently spoke with Vulture while promoting his latest film Edge of Winter, was asked about the critical response of Suicide Squad, in which Kinnaman, does state that it’s always nice to get good reviews, but he’s happy how things turned out for  Suicide Squad, as he believes in the film and is happy with how the fans have responded to it.

How’d they make you feel?
You always hope to get good reviews. It’s always nicer when people say nice things about you. But on a film like Suicide Squad, it really only has an ambition to entertain. There’s no big political aspirations about the film; it doesn’t take itself that seriously. The only way it takes itself seriously is portraying these characters in an honest way. I really think we did that, and I’m proud of my work and everyone else’s work in that film, too. So, on a film like this, that has those kinds of ambitions; it becomes even more important what the fans think. We made this film for the fans.

I can’t remember ever seeing a bigger disparity between reviewers’ and fans’ response to a film. It really was night and day. We’ve just been showered with love and appreciation for this, so it’s been pretty phenomenal. Sure, the film is not perfect. But the kind of vitriol that it got? [Laughs.] It sure as hell didn’t deserve that. I think it actually might’ve been good for the film. Now people don’t have too-high expectations for it. It reset that a little bit, and people went into the theaters and just got entertained by what they saw. So I was really happy with how that whole thing turned out.

You were happy with how it turned out?
Yeah, with how the fans responded to the film after what the critics said.


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