Justice League Digital HD Release Date Set For January 30th


According to iTunes, the Digital HD release date for Justice League will be later this month on January 30th and is now available for pre-order $19.99.

This release date hints at the release date for the Blu-Ray/DVD release for the movie, as DC Films tend to normally be release at least  two to four weeks after the digital release.

With the disappointing box office gross for Justice League, looking like it’ll come either below Man of Steel ($668 million) or slightly above it, it’s no surprise Warner Bros. is releasing the movie so soon on homevideo.

What also can be seen from the listing on iTunes, there won’t be an extended cut of Zack Snyder’s version of the as fans hoped for, but it’s too soon to fully know what the special features will be for the movie.

Source: Apple.com/itunes

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