Justice League is the Best Seller in Amazon Video


Even with Zack Snyder fans boycotting the home video release of Justice League, due to wanting the full Snyder cut of the movie, Justice League seems to still be doing well on at least Amazon, as it’s the number one best-selling movie in the Amazon video category, with over 700 reviews, leading the movie to have 4 out of 5 stars on the e-commerce site.

That’s a higher review rating than that of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which both were successful at the box office and in home video sales.

It’s possible those who choose not to support the movie in theater, are now choosing the comfort of their homes to be the place to watch it, out of pure curiosity, which is resulting to them coming out of the movie surprisingly happy with it, as expectations were low going in.

Meanwhile in the Top 100 Best Seller category, Justice League comes in at number three, being beaten out by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Thor: Ragnarok, both which are lower in the price tags, compared that to Justice League’s $24.96.

We recently published an article where Animation director Jay Oliva goes on to respond to a fan who was happy that Justice League isn’t selling well, going by what they saw at a store, where the shelves were still full of copies of the movie.

Oliva goes on to explain the movie not selling well isn’t going to make Warner Bros. cave in and release another cut of the movie like some fans hope they will, as if the original movie that was release isn’t selling, there’s no reason they would believe the other cut of the movie make them any profit and in turn Justice League doing poor sales, will then lead to affecting the release of DC Extended Universe.

If you haven’t already purchased Justice League on home video, head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy:

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