Justice League Opens with a Disappointing $96 Million


Justice League for its domestic opening weekend debut with a disappointing $96 million, which is way under its forecasted opening weekend of $150 million, to the most current opening weekend projections of $110-120 million to the most recent of $100 million.

As for its international opening, the film once again went below what was expected with $185.5 million from 65 markets, having open with a $281.5 million worldwide debut, once again way below what was expected from the film for its Worldwide opening weekend which was $325-$355 Million.

The positive end the film seems to be resonating with the general audience as the film received a B+ CinemaScore, that’s a higher score than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (B) and the same score as Suicide Squad, which ended up doing very well at the domestic and worldwide box office without the help of China.

At this point DC fans can only hope the word of mouth is strong and will help the film be a long-term success at the box office, much like Wonder Woman was, which opened with a $103 million domestically, but ended up making $821 million at the worldwide box office and become the most profitable film for DC Films.

Justice League production budget hasn’t been officially released by the Warner Bros., though many media outlets are reporting the film cost $300 million for the studio. If that’s true, the film needs to make at least over $600 million to break even.

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