Justice League to Open with $325-$355 Million at the Worldwide Box Office


According to Deadline for this opening weekend for Justice League worldwide it’s being projected to open to around $325-$355 million, with a domestic opening around $110-$120 million, which is lower than its long-range forecast of $150 million, from September.

If Justice League does open at the low-end of $110 million, it’ll be the second lowest opening for a DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman being the lowest with $103 million. Though if the word of mouth is positive, much like that of Wonder Woman, the film can end up having strong legs and do better in its run.

But the reality is, thus far the critic reviews for the film have been mixed, with fans being overly positive towards it. It’s also said that these projected box office numbers do not include the tracking of advance ticket sales.

Source: Deadline.com

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