Justice League to Start Filming in Djúpavík, Iceland


According to the official body of tourism site for the Westfjords region of Iceland, Justice League will start filming in the village of Djúpavík in the Westfjords of Iceland, either on October or November of this year.

As previously confirmed, Justice League will film in three different locations, England, Scotland and Iceland. We’ve already know that they’ve been filming in London for the past several months and now if reports are true they’ll be moving to Iceland by next month or two.

The shooting of Justice League, the latest DC-Comic series will start in the Westfjords of Iceland in October or November. Djúpavík village will be the main set of the movie in Iceland but parts of the movie are also being shot in England and Scotland. Djúpavík is a small village with two inhabitants throughout the year, but more during summertime. Ásbjörn Þorgilsson, one of the owners of Hótel Djúpavík is expecting a crew of at least 200. He also says that during the shooting of the movie, Hótel Djúpavík is being rented to the movie makers and also there will be a cruise ship in the fjord for the actors and staff to live in.

Source: Westfjords.is

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