Karen Fukahara Wants to Explore Katana’s Past in Suicide Squad Sequel


Karen Fukahara who played Katana in Suicide Squad, recently attended the Rose City Comic Con, in which during her Q&A panel, Fukahara went on to say that she would like to further explore Katana’s past in a Suicide Squad sequel or solo film.

“I would love that,” she said about the possibility of reprising the role. “For the first movie I think we did a really good job of showing snippets of each character’s past and history, but it was just a glimpse. And for the sequel I’d like to show a lot more about her relationship with Soutaker, her sword, and her relationship with her husband and where she came from.”

A Katana solo film seems unlikely, but a sequel for Suicide Squad, at the rate the film is doing at the worldwide box office, there’s no question that Warner Bros. will be announcing a second installment in the near future.

Source: 411mania.com

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