Katie Cassidy On Kicking Butt as the Black Canary


Katie Cassidy who plays Sara Lance and the Black Canary on Arrow, spoke with ComicBook.com during her time at San Diego Comic Con this past July on playing the character of Black Canary, the fourth season of Arrow and crossing over to Legends of Tomorrow.

How’s it feel to be at the first one of these big events where you can talk really openly about being Black Canary?

It’s great and amazing. I’m like “Finally! I can say it!”

It’s completely fulfilling. This character, this job, this world, this series has been a dream come true and I really wanted to do action and living in this genre, so I couldn’t be happier.

Are you working out every minute of every day?

Every minute of every day? No! No, no. I’ve been working out a lot and really, really hard, but I think it’s cool because it makes it that much more realistic and believable. It also feels good to be in good shape and to know that I could kick anybody’s ass! [Laughs]

So do you do your own stunts?

I try and do as much as I possibly can. There are obviously…there’s insurance involved sometimes, where I shouldn’t be jumping off rooftops, which is fine by me, but as far as physically in the fighting, I do as much as I can or as much as they let me. I’ve been in martial arts training and stuff like that, and training with the [weapons].

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