Rose McIver Talks Season 2 of iZombie


Rose McIver who plays Liv Moore in iZombie, spoke with back in July during her time at San Diego Comic Con, on what can be expected from season 2 of The CW television series.

The first thing I’ll ask is that you had a hell of a finale in terms of the status quo shaking up. It seems you’ll now have to come out, so can you talk about what that means?

When we got the finale, I just remember all of us cast sitting around page-turning as quickly as possible and just in shock. When I finished, I just ran to the writers and said, “Okay, so what happens in Season Two?” And they were like, “Hang on, we haven’t even been renewed yet,” but I was like “Okay, but I need to know!”

We pick up a few months later and so decisions have been made. Lives have been lost or lived through, and so it’s going to be…Liv’s world have changed a lot. A lot of people who mattered to her in her life know, and whether they accept her or don’t accept her is going to really shift a lot of the dynamics for Season Two.

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